PS4 & PS3 HDD upgrades

Provides Playstation 4 Repair & Hard drive upgrades.

cyber security

Home network security and setup.

parental controls & monitoring

Training parents, establishing parental controls and monitoring to protect your family.

Forensic Imaging & Data Recovery

Hard drive imaging and file recovery.

Computer repair

In home computer setup, trouble shooting, repair, replacement and upgrades.

virus & malware protection and removal

Virus, Malware and Spyware removal and countermeasures.

Cyber Security, Computer Repair, Data Recovery, and Forensic Imaging

Carolina CyberTech provides a range of forensic services in addition to computer and networking installations, set-up, upgrades and parental controls to security and virus protection. In an increasingly complex tech-world, we aim to make your life a little simpler by providing friendly, fast, and affordable IT solutions.


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Carolina CyberTech

Cyber security, computer repair, data recovery, and forensic imaging